Can Rel=Author and Analytics Event Tracking Live in Harmony?

Here’s a question that I posed via Twitter during yesterday’s fantastic #searchchurch SEOmoz meetup at SEER Interactive.

Thankfully, Jen Sable Lopez asked the speakers this question for me. Oddly enough, no one had a solid answer!

As an analytics junkie, I’m a big fan of using event tracking wherever I can – I love seeing when people are clicking out to external links. On this site, I use Yoast’s SEO Plugin, which allows for you to automatically include event tracking for every outbound link.


On my homepage, I have a link to my Google+ profile, with rel=”me” implemented, and I have yet to have my “mug appear in the SERPs” for this page.

A fleeting thought I had was that perhaps rel=”me” and event tracking conflict on some level – but I haven’t seen any information to that effect.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below – I’d love to start a discussion on this topic.

3 thoughts on “Can Rel=Author and Analytics Event Tracking Live in Harmony?”

  1. hey Scott, put the Analytics part aside for a moment, the reason your Authorship is not resolving is that in the sequence of code on your page, Googlebot can see your rel=author which is redirecting the author page of your theme back to homepage. You cannot see that on the page displayed because your CSS is concealing it from human view. You are effectively sending the Authorship validation into a crazy loop. You need to unredirect your author page (or remove that code) and place a rel=me on your author page to your G+ profile. If that makes zero sense, ping me and I’ll explain over skype/hangout.

    1. Paul,

      Thanks for chiming in!

      That makes sense. I recently redirected my author page to the homepage, as I’ll likely be the only contributor to this blog for the time being – and I wanted to avoid the possibility of duplicate content. This was a tip from Dan Shure’s latest SEO for WordPress post on SEOmoz – and I figured I’d give it a try.

      My main question on this topic is regarding the Google+ link on my homepage, which is marked up with rel=”me”, but I have yet to see authorship markup work.

      I’ll give what you suggested a try, and see if it works. If I’m struggling, I’ll be sure to get in touch. Thanks again!

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